"Faith Formation and Academic Excellence since 1955"

Philosophy & Mission


Our commitment as Christians is to be Alive in Christ. His message is the source and content of catechesis. We are dedicated to being spiritual companions to one another, bringing Gospel values to bear on every aspect of life. Our community is based on the Gospel message of love and is expressed through communal prayer and worship, cooperation, and instruction. We believe the Christian family is the nurturing unit in a child’s personal, social, emotional, academic, and religious education.

The Church through the ages has consistently called parents to understand and appreciate their special dignity as God’s instruments of His love to their children. Parents are the first to communicate the faith to their children and to educate them. By word and example, they train their offspring for the Christian and apostolic life. Since parents have conferred life upon their children, they have a most solemn obligation to educate their offspring. Hence, parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children.

Saint Catherine Labouré helps each child learn self-control and self-discipline. Positive, ongoing relationships among students, parents, and teachers are developed. Teachers work in partnership with parents to challenge each child to reach for his/her highest level of formation — spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetical. This enables all to embrace the challenge of living a Christian life and taking individual responsibility for lifelong learning.

As Catholics, we serve Jesus Christ by sharing our time, talents, and treasures. Saint Catherine Labouré educates God’s children in His ways, so that each child may become a minister of the Catholic faith, a protector of the earth, a peacemaker for all, and a defender of human rights and diversity.

Mission Statement

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic School is dedicated to educating the whole child in a nurturing environment. Our Catholic school community recognizes God’s presence in our lives and responds to our Baptismal Call through Eucharistic worship, prayer, and service, helping students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our strong tradition of academic excellence acknowledges the individual strengths, gifts, and needs of all children and strives to create lifelong learners.

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