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October 7, 2021

Dear SCL Families,

Welcome to all our new families and welcome back to our returning families. Last year, our community had many great successes and a lot of fun while maintaining safety at SCL! We are looking forward to another exciting year of academic growth, community building, and most of all, fun. As we get back into the groove of ubering kids to activities and practices, packing lunches, doing homework while checking all the FastDirect emails and announcements, we want to share more about your SCL School Board for the 2021-2022 school year.

SCL School Board is an advisory board to assist and support school administrators and Fr. Jim by providing feedback on community, policies and procedures. We have 3 committees within the Board and use our time and talents to improve our school community via finance, public relations, and special projects committees. We serve for 3 years each with 2-3 members rotating off for new members to join each year.

Below are our committees and our connection to SCL.

Tim Rask - President- 3rd year - Finance Committee - Addalyn 7th & Robert 5th 
Maggie Stockmann - 2nd year - Vice President - Finance Committee - Molly 6th 
Melissa Bruno -2nd year - Secretary -Special Projects - Rylan 4th & Kadyn 1st
Chris Phoenix - 3rd year - Special Projects - Leila 7th, Addison 4th & Mia 1st
Kendra McMullen- 3rd year - Public Relations Committee - Maeve 8th & Murphy 6th 
Roxanne Kelemen - 3rd year - Public Relations Committee - Peter 5th & Peyten 2nd 
Jaime Johns Vujevic -1st year - Special Projects - Sadie 7th & Samantha 5th
Katherine Sandvos - 1st year - Finance Committee - Nolan 6th, Grady 4th, & Malcolm 1st 
Greg Gladbach - 1st year - Public Relations - Connor 6th, Avarie 3rd, & Benjamin 1st

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts and concerns with any of the school board members via FastDirect or when you see us at school events or around campus. Please remember that we all want what's best for our school and children. We build a better community through collaboration and open communication.

Meeting dates are on the SCL Main Calendar and are listed in each newsletter. If you would like to come to a meeting and address the Board on a specific topic, please refer to the Board of Education Open Forum Policy under Links in FastDirect.

We welcome your input and are looking forward to partnering to continue to build a great community for all of our families now and in the future.

SCL School Board

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