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SCL Parking Procedures

Every family will be assigned an afternoon (pick-up) parking space. These assignments are made in the best interest of the youngest children attending SCL. 

Please remember the following times: 

-  School begins at 7:50 A.M.                                                                                                     

-  Children should not be dropped off earlier than 7:30 A.M. 

-  Drivers picking up should arrive between 2:45 P.M. – 2:55 P.M.   

-  School is dismissed at 3:00 P.M.                                                                                      

Lot Descriptions:

School Lot- Zone 1-4 (SL) - Primary lot used for school/church parking, sports, etc.

NEW AREA! School Lot Church (CHURCH) - Parking along the front of the church, beginning after the Adoration parking spaces. This area will dismiss with Zone 2 except on Friday when they will dismiss with Zone 5.

Church Lot – Zone 5 (CL) - Small parking lot on the north side of the church

Lindbergh Lot- Zone 5 (LL) - Adjacent to the Church lot. Exits to Lindbergh with right turn only.

Back Lot – Zone 6/7 (BL/BL-YCare) - Lot around the playground near the Kindergarten entrance as well as the lot parallel to Sappington Road.

Back Lot (BL-YCare) - The lot area designated for those Kindergarten families that attend the aftercare program. It boards the grass that leads to the lower fields.

NEW AREA! Driveway – Zone 7 (DrWay) – This parking area is designated for those families that have students (1st-6th) that attend the aftercare program. South Entrance along the playground facing Church, keeping to the right of the drive. This area will exit through the Sappington Lot to your left and will dismiss with the BL Sappington.

Walker (WLK) - For families whose children walk home. For those who may occasionally be picking up at dismissal, meet your child at the front school entrance after the parking lot clears.

VIP – For families who have purchased a VIP parking space at the School Auction. These spaces are reserved 1) along the school sidewalk/Disciple Drive facing north and 2) along the entrance/exit by Parish Office covered parking. AT DISMISSAL, VIP USE ONLY!

Parking Lot Safety and Operating Procedures

Morning Drop-Off

Southbound Sappington Drivers – Please enter the north drive entrance (church canopy). Drive along the ball fields and then along the side of the gym and drop off near the front of the  school building at the main entrance. If you are the first car, please pull your car forward, past the school entrance sidewalk, so several cars can unload at a time. Please remain in line and follow the cars in front of you. We ask you to please make this a quick stop due to the large volume of cars that must go through this line. Children should exit from the side of the car closest to the school.  If it is necessary to walk around the car, encourage the children to walk around the front of the car until they are safely on the sidewalk. Please advise children to stay on the pavement. Proceed to exit between the Parish Center and the Parish Office.  This will work well for grades 1-8. 

Northbound Sappington Drivers – You have two options:

Option 1 – Enter the first SCL south entrance by making a right turn into the drive by the playground and lower fields. Drive straight with the playground on your left, keep right, and drop off at the south entrance near the kindergarten doors of the school. Proceed to make a left turn, thus making a loop on the lot, and return to the same drive to exit. This is the preferred option for Kindergarten families.

Option 2 – Enter the first SCL south entrance and proceed left up the hill toward the school lot. Pull over to the sidewalk along Disciple Drive and begin drop-off. If you are the first car, please pull forward as far as possible to the end of the sidewalk so that other cars can pull in behind. When finished dropping off, please exit the driveway between the Parish Center and the Parish Office.

For safety reasons, please refrain from parking and having kids walk through the drop off line.

Afternoon Pick Up

The South Entrance should ONLY be used by those families that park on the Back Lot, DrWay,  and VIP parking. This is NOT the late-line pick-up area. The other two entrances should be used by those who park anywhere other than the back lot.  

Those parking in the Church Lot, Lindbergh Lot, School Lot Perimeter, and Back Lot, please back into your spot so that you are ready to exit. This includes the Back Lot Y-Care. If your spot is on the School Lot other than the perimeter, please park your car so that the front of the car is facing the school. To minimize having to back up, please pull forward into the front space of your zone if you are the first to arrive. 

2:55 P.M. All traffic will be stopped and entry to the lots will be prohibited. A late line will be formed on the North driveway entrance (church canopy). Students will be dismissed at 3:00 P.M. and must go directly to their vehicles. SCL Patrol and teachers on duty will direct the release of parking lot zones on a rotating basis once all students have gotten in their cars. Anyone that is not picked up, will be directed to the teacher on duty by the flagpole outside the front doors for late pickup.

Zone Dismissal

Please allow 15 minutes to clear the lot after all the children have entered the cars.

The parking lot has been divided into zones. The SCL patrol and teachers will signal and control    the release of the zones. No car should move towards the exit until released – this includes the Lindbergh Lot. SCL patrol will release each Zone on a daily rotating schedule. 

VIP:                                                          Released first daily before all zones.

Zone 1:   Spaces 1 – 27                           Released first on Monday                    

Zone 2:   Spaces 28 – 53                         Released first on Tuesday

Zone 2C: Spaces in front of Church         Released first on Tuesday & Friday      

Zone 3:   Spaces 54 – 75                         Released first on Wednesday                

Zone 4:   Spaces 76 – 105A (Perimeter)        Released first on Thursday                  

Zone 5:   Church Lot, Spaces 156 - 194         Released first on Friday

               Lindbergh Lot, Spaces 106 - 155     Released with first (daily)  

Zone 6:   Back Lot, Spaces 196 - 217             Released first on Mon, Wed & Friday            

Zone 7:   Back Lot, Spaces 218 – 239/DrWay  Released first on Tuesday & Thursday

If you need to make a permanent parking change, please contact the office (314) 843-2819

Parishioners, Grandparents and Visitors

Parishioners, Grandparents, and Visitors are not always aware of the school’s parking procedures. At dismissal, someone may inadvertently park in the numbered spaces. Although it does not happen frequently, to be courteous to our visitors and Parishioners, please park in the visitor spaces near the school or in the back lot near the back doors.

Please remember those supervising the parking lot are there to ensure the safety of your child. Please give them the consideration and courtesy they deserve. These are teachers and students who have volunteered their time to help us.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


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