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Library Volunteer

The SCL School Library is run by parent volunteers from each class, grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.  K-2 visits the library once a week and 3rd grade visits every other week, September through May.  A calendar is made for each semester and volunteers get a reminder email the weeks you are assigned. There is also a volunteer group email set up for each class for trades/subs. This is a great way to see your child during the day and help our library run smoothly!

Volunteer Duties:

2-3 volunteers are needed each visit

While in the library, students bring back books they previously checked out and one parent checks those books back in while the other volunteer reads a book to the group. Students then check out their new books. 

Depending on how many volunteers each class gets, if you help out you will most likely be assigned once a month or so (less often for 3rd grade).

If you have more questions or are interested in how you can volunteer to be a library volunteer, please contact Molly Price at mollyprice55@gmail.com.

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