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SCL School Board Policies and Meeting Minutes

SCL School Board Policies and Meeting Minutes

October 06, 2022 | General News

Dear SCL Families,

Over the last two years, Mrs. Patke and I have received feedback from our school community asking that we make our SCL School Board more transparent with the policies, procedures, and information discussed at the monthly meetings.  In September, our school board held their first meeting to discuss and update the SCL School Board Policies and the current state of SCL.  

After each meeting, the minutes will be posted on the www.sclschool.org website for your viewing.  Click on "Admissions" tab and then choose "School Board" to view the updated policies and monthly meeting minutes.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your school board members listed on the website, Mrs. Patke, or myself!

Thank you,

Stephanie Horan 


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